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An Escorts Speaks on the business of escorting in Bangalore

When we Independent escorts in Bangalore discuss our life we prejudice and unanonymously proclaim in pride the life style of an Independent escorts in Bangalore as we live a life with many men of our choice with no bonded relationship and the pride of savoring too many men in a life that is meant to live queen’s size.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore do not regret or gibber with our self in pursuing a career as an Independent escorts in Bangalore but rather pride in choosing a path that is a short cut to success and to reach our dreams.

When money had become a commodity where it is the measure of quality of life and when we see men chase behind money all over their life in the correct and incorrect ways it is no wonder we women chose to immolate and renounce our virginity and our sacred women sanity in our own selfish motives to live a life that is queen size.

If you may ask any of the Independent escorts in Bangalore how we female escorts in Bangalore see men or our clients we are rather blunt in giving a honest confession as under "Craving for women is an addiction and a habit which may harm a family life and a man who is addicted to multiple women has no cure and the only remedy is love from his family"

Lust is been framed by the media and internet in the most indecent way it can be portrayed and men who see the vulgarity and crudeness love had been staged are ignorant of the fact that the act is a staged drama by professional artist who are efficient and masterly artists in creating gimmicks.
The below is the truth

No women enjoys Anal sex.

No women enjoy unlimited hours of penetration.

"Sex is an enjoyable game of art with one person who is bonded and glued with love and affection"
Men who we cater to come with all fantasy when its is paid sex and we ensure our clients’ needs are taken care and we female escorts in Bangalore never try to play the preachers game in our act of quenching the lust of men.

If we female escorts in Bangalore are to debate on the morale game of taming and curing a womanizer we would as the below to the audience who raised the question of taming the clients.
When a government is surveying with the taxes from selling alcohol We call girls in Bangalore can survive by quenching the lust of men when the government is prescribing takes on tobacco sales and alcohol sales.

We female escorts in Bangalore never wanted to be Mahatmas in tutoring our clients and we prefer doing the divine task of escorting and excelling in our job as escorts.

What we female escorts in Bangalore regret is the words we are tagged with our profession and we humbly recall the recognition our ancestors had bestowed on us as devadasis.
We live a prided life as call girls in Bangalore catering to the lust of men as god sent divine angels in this world we run our daily life as independent escorts in Bangalore.

"We call girls in Bangalore honestly accept the truth we are professionally trained artist trained to stage an act of specious nature"

The passion of escorting had pursued us to work like we never do the work of an escort for money and love and lust with our clients is in the most professional way possible trying to fallacious an act which is to be honest is ersatz and deceptive.

We are honestly confessing the truth in our profession of escorting the lucid truth and if a client is to believe our act of deception it is feather in his cap.

We are mere hunters praying for our hunt in this jungle and we are quite good in the hunt and we do get our share on daily basis.

We are not here to offend any of our generous clients in the above confessions and we wanted to honestly confess the truth in our profession of escorting.

Men had been for ages laurelled for his mastery over women and a man who had slept with multiple women is a feat of kudos and is illustriousness in this society.

A woman with similar nature of preying men is sin and is marked as disesteemed person in this planet earth and we believe we live in a society of equality in gender.

We call girls Bangalore often do meet distinguished connoisseurs and debonair of men and who we admire and belong to be in his company and we escorts do admit honestly there are men who are honey in nature for us bees.

God had created sex to be enjoyed to the fullest by women and men rarely do enjoy the sex as we women in actuality enjoy and we women probably are not good in sharing the same with men.
What if I am caught by my girl friend or my wife for my acts of adultery with call girls in Bangalore?
The above question when we ask our reputed clients we see men qualm in abhorrence and revulsion and we escorts in Bangalore can only sadly pity our generous paymasters.

All acts of deception needs cover-ups and our men are quite good in their deeds of adultery and having their own stories to justify the acts.

We can only pity our and her men.
We meant what we said above
Our and her man.
Her man was my man for a while.

We escorts in Bangalore are professional stage artist who are well-trained hunters in the jungle to prey on our hunt and we hunt when we are hungry and never stray Idle.
We had seen the fear phobia and disquietude in men if ever his wife or girl friend knows about his adultery with call girls in Bangalore.

We escorts in Bangalore stupidly glee in pride of owning her man for a while.
We call girls in Bangalore end with this saying to our generous men what money could not buy is the unconditional love showered by the family is imperishable and not us.

A good women should let his men stray around and when he comes backs he is all hers own.
We have enough men and this world is no small place for us escorts in Bangalore for staying around with enough and more men in our short lived life as an escort in Bangalore.

Good luck my dear men.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

We feel we are like angels from heaven  and we lighted candles and never feel the emptiness when we are hired only for a specific need and feel we are there to lighten a mans darkness and delightfully do the divine duty of  catering to a mans lust.

Prostitutes are better way to move forward in life and why buy Sugar Cane Field when you may buy sugar in kilos ! !
We escorts in Bangalore strongly presuppose  that sex is one of the most marvelous and natural  things that money can buy.”
We feel we are like angels from heaven  and we lighted candles and never feel the emptiness when we are hired only for a specific need and feel we are there to lighten a mans darkness and delightfully do the divine duty of  catering to a mans lust.
I am Reshmi reddy and I am an escort in Bangalore and was requested to pen down my thoughts as an successful escort in Bangalore and I am on scarcity for words to describe my career as an escort in Bangalore.
Let me begin my story from today and will  surely  give a  smooth finish in the climax stage of this story board of mine and since today seems a better day for me to recall my self as an  Independent escort in Bangalore.
My appointments for the day is pre scheduled and I have one confirmed GFE package with a german National at a reputed star hotel in Bangalore and one more tomorrow in MG Road with travelling business man form Chennai and I am on the verge of starting to go to my Germen Client in who stays in White Fields. 
And my plans for writing this will continue till 11.00 am today and after that where I am I am gonna stop and I am not good patient writer any ways and I did not promise to be interesting in my writing skills as well.
Well as of yesterday the client who I met was very young and savvy and must be born with a silver spoon  and he gave an envelope neatly filled with 1000.00 Rupees notes and guess what I  had a box full of chocolates as gift as well and he was too cute to be honest.
“The lewdness of this society  are not girls like us  and  its the poverty and the raunchy and  the salacious politicians who make this poverty and unemployment a reality had made Prostitution and weird reality and Prostitution is different from escorting by Independent girls like us and Prostitution is done by the mafia gangs who control and use salvage methods to hold a women to do adultery and we escorts are doing this job of escorting with a passion and out of our own pursuance and pursuit.
Any Young lady in India  who may  envisages  the thought of becoming a successful escort in Bangalore  and contemplating the thought of entering the  escorting business will need to oscillate the decision and if you come from an orthodox family set up the career decision  can be more entangle the relationships with close family members.
Here is my thoughts to the new recruits entering  in the business of escorting in Bangalore
 Ask your self the below questions and have a paper and pen to write down your thoughts 
Why should I be an escort ?
Quick Money
The Negative aspects that may hit you sooner or later
Family Life
Social stigma
Long term effect on being an escort 
Relationship with the family members
Health Hazardous ( If you are not clear in safety aspects )
The above answers can perfectly place your self in a better situation in taking a decision on being an escort in Bangalore and going forward how to stabilize your family life and your career as an escort in Bangalore and unless in a european culture where a woman's Independence is more a matter of concern and here in Indian culture we have our closest  family members who watch us like vultures and detectives.
No harm to either of us and I love to see the young lady grab this world by its lapels  and   bellow at her loudest voice Life is the Bitch and I am going to face the life bare foot ! !
And when we do our best in being an escort we never know when a miracle may hit us in our life and change the  coarse of  our life and believe me from my experience all my team mates are eagerly waiting for our dream man to take over our life and we sincerely hope for the day we meet our man.
Most of our girls in our team get cheated with the above hope and dreams of a man in their life  and the truth is the man uses this weakness of ours and either cheats our money or us in the process.
“Any Indian escort  who may understands this basic problem of hers and never lets a man to take over her will certainly lead a successful escort Career“.
A man is born to cheat a women and he takes every opportunity that may knock his door to do the mistake of deceiving a women and we escorts are easy preys for a man.
So what may be an escorts destiny and is that an escort have to live a life without a man and that can be a very new topic of discussion here and it may have varied views among my team mates and I strongly believe I can live a life without a mans support. 
An Escort in India  have to make the a verdict for her own self whether to reveal about her escorting life to her family members  or maintain the lies and this confessions can be a life decision and it purely depends upon each individual family to take it. 
The cultural Back ground will certainly be a hit if there is opposition from the family members  and an escort in Bangalore needs to be more religious and pious in maintaining herself to hold any more assault from her family members and only Piousness and meditation and belief in god can save  an escort from miraged anger of the society and there are enough ways to convince your family members on your choice to become an escort in Bangalore and its just ways to convey the message and avoiding conflicts with the close family members.
Auspiciously there is no entry level exams or qualifications in escorting business and all one needs is the  flair in meeting a new person and handling a new man on daily  basis and if that may be Interesting to a women it can be quite interesting for any newcomer who wants  to face the challenges life gives and escorting does not ever  mean in bed alone sometimes it may be giving companion ship for dinners in good hotels or playing a secretary to a highly placed corporate gentle man and life can be  interesting as an escort in Bangalore.
Well I had finished this story board well ahead of time and its adieu time and until i meet the stranger who may be reading  my story here I am getting ready to meet one more gentle Man and wishing you the best life has to offer and we love all wife's of of our clients as much  we do love our clients.
    "I never said  goodbye because adieu  means going away and going away means forgetting.”
So until we meet I wait eagerly in anticipation ! !

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Bangalore the Garden city known for its climate and is the capital of Karnataka state. India's top hi tech industrial town and the city is also known for its nightlife.
Bangalore Independent escort girls will make you experience the best time of your life. If you think that you have a mundane life, then this is the time that you add some excitation in your self  by hiring an exquisite and graceful escort lady. You will be surprised to know that they are competent and disciplined in order to acquire the skills and characteristics needed to provide high competent companionship. The Bangalore Independent escort girls will not let you down and the money that you have spent is more than worthy for the service that they can offer.
How to describe an escort in Bangalore Independent escort girls.
Bangalore Independent escort girls are bewitching ,alluring and captivating girls and are mostly wild in nature in bed and clearly understand the thin difference between the layer of being a lover wife and an escort.
They had mastered the art of domination in bed with a man who is pursuing the best of empirical methods or practices  by a skillfull sophisticated lady.
The best way to elucidate an Bangalore Independent escort girls is they are alluring,charismatic and fascinating girls in the city of Bangalore and know perfectly well how to treat a connoisseur and a Debonair pursuing the best in Bangalore.
They are rampant,wild and ferocious in Bed and can adapt to the prepossession of a client and can be as amiable and sophisticated in a social gathering and we can offer a wide range of Independent escort girls of your choice.
An compassionate women who can be a patient listner and can be lukewarm to the aphrodisia of a client is Proper the denotation of a  Bangalore Independent escort girl.
Bangalore Independent escort girl are  working for a cause and are more super egoistic of thier role as an Independent escort in Bangalore and are conscience of thier role in the society as an escort and do a job that can be satisfactory and an esocot is a propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.
An escort is responsible for the stigma and the social melodrama and does a role in cleaning the system? invisibly? and a when a Mans beastly  thoughts on lust and love is unleashed it can endanger the peace and neutrality in a amicable world.
An escort comes in like an angel in that situation and takes over to tame a man.
There can be chaos in this world if there is no way to release the tension a man has and the only option is to hire an escort.
A man is a beast whose frustrations can be poited as below
Religious Frustrations
And sexual Frustration can be controled as below
Seeking or hiring a Partner
Other alternatives to control sexual Frustration
Religious thoughts and meditations
Altenative life styles.
Bangalore Independent escort will prefer confident client who are ?successful ?and flourishing clients and those man 
who are going strong in their line of activity and use the services of an escort as lavishing life style.
Men who are successful will try to enjoy the life at the fullest and we do have experiences of clients who are addictive to escorting and like abusing alcohol this habit of seeking an escort can be addictive in nature.
We at Bangalore Independent escort girl are aware of our role as an escort in the society and advice those clients who are ignoring their family life and money.
We honestly understand our role and are to be as  use and throw objects and a clients personal life is more a concern to us rather than our bread and butter.
A man needs a women and women is a mother and next comes a women as a partner and a wife and a wife needs to be a seductive mistress and a mother to move forward in a successful family life.
The worst of the enemy in a family life is the third lady who sneaks in as the secret lover and can endanger a happy married life.
We  Bangalore Independent escort girl  are hired for the thrill and fired once our job is over and we like and prefer it that way and our clients will like to predominate us because we are very deferential and discreet.
Bangalore Independent escort girls is an luxuriance and exorbitance escort agency, world renowned for its high quality services. We are superfluity and concupiscent and our escort girls are lascivious in thier line of activity and that means we hire only the best models and those  who seek a prosporous career and love to socialize with the high end distinguished and debonair Clients.
To have a carrer as an escort in Bangalore Independent escort girls a lady needs to have beauty and brains and success comes only when we utilize our brains to the best level and when it comes to brain all humans have brains in  head and  the rest of the parts in thier places and any one can steer herself in any direction of her choice and any lady is on her own and know what she knows and and you are the deciding authority to determime where to move ahead in life.
A few people succed in thier life and its just that they propelled and steered well ahead of thier counter parts in the right directions and any lady who seeks money as a power to move forward can utilize this carrer as a short term carreer option to satisfy her monetary needs.
Career as an escort lady can never be the final and complete carrer desicion and can only be a short term carrer descion in life and working as an escort will glamorize any lady's life style and would add a bit of spice and never allow the desicion of being an escort carry over your life.
We do Pride with our client base and do have the rich and famous as our clients who would only seek the best the world has to offer and willing to pay the best.
All your applications are handled very Professionally and no data recieved will be shared to any third party and highest level of confidentiality is maitained in all levels to maintain the secrecy factor.
Kindly do request all applicants to send in all requested data for a quick feed back on your application. 
Wishing you the very best in chossing to become an successfull carrer option as an escort in bangalore.
Bangalore Independent escort girls are extremely splendiferous and our Independent escort girls in Bangalore are known to have the urge and avidity to appease or quench a clients lust full desires and Bangalore Independent escort girls services can be a one time life experience.
“Every experience with a Bangalore Independent escort girls is a one lifetime experience, because no matter how hard you try nobody can match our Bangalore Independent escort girls style and elegence and the urge and avidity to appease or quench a clients lust full desires "
To add the xtra spice in your life you may try spending your free / lieusure  time with the Bangalore Independent escort girls and will surely be rejenuated with the extra energy to move ahead and concealing or  hiding your fancy will only out burst one final day.
All desires and fantasy has to be tried and experienced in life.
We wish at the fullest of our heart the best of success to be bestowed on our clients both in their personal and professional life.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bangalore Escort Etiquette – High End Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

There is lots to understand on the Manual on how to use an escort Services in Bangalore and there is no proper Manifesto or of well-defined rules to define how to use an escort Services in Bangalore and no proper guidelines available in the vast Internet on the set guidelines for using an Escort Services and the truth is most of  the experienced Mongers do not have a clue on how to utilize an escort Service in Bangalore..

I am a successful Professional in my area of Corporate Business and pursuing my hobby successfully as a Monger in Bangalore and to be precise hiring a high end Independent escort is similar to hiring a Doctor, lawyer or a Mechanic and the same way I would deal with a Professional Doctor lawyer or a Mechanic will prefer giving the same respect to an Independent escort in Bangalore and I was getting better results when I was taking care of  most of the best Independent escorts in Bangalore and most of them are still my very good friends and we maintain a strong bond of Mutual beneficiary Relationship and believe me I Perfectly understand that escorting is a very professional way of doing business.

If you are a beginner and wanted a Manual or a step by step guidelines in understanding how to use the services of an escort lady in Bangalore here is from my experiences from the beginning how to be a successful Monger in Bangalore or how to get most out of your escort experience.

Why Utilize an escort Services in Bangalore?

Escorts in Bangalore offer variety of Services and these can be some of them

Role play and Fantasy
Arabian Queen
Sexy lingerie
Foot fetish
Dinner companion
Social escort
Cross dressing
Boss, French maid, girl next door and more!

Escorts in Bangalore offer variety of Services to suit your need and the high-end Escorts working in an escort agency are like any other working lady who makes a living out of her professional job and similar to a doctor who diagnoses a patient and gives proper treatment an escort lady in Bangalore will ensure proper care to her clients and cater to the needs of her client with care and affection and more you are friendlier with an escort lady more will she offer herself in return.

It is mirthfully the trust factor and respect that matter here and if the escort in Bangalore understand the gentleman cares and respects here professionalism she will offer her best and will guarantee ensure and assure full satisfaction and utilization of the money spent.

Here this Point of respect and caring is emphasized mostly because most of the clients have an attitude towards an escort and towards her profession and believe me this profession of escorting is a practice that was common in the ancient days.

Escorting in India traces its origins to the beginnings of civilisation in the sub-continent and still continues in modern India.

Refer the following links for an in-depth knowledge of Prostitution in Ancient days

Like any other Profession, most of the escorts in Bangalore love their job of escorting and love sex and money matters second when they are with a friendlier client and the more attention they get from the client they get involved with the act of affection and love with their client and like any other succesfull lady who loves her job most of the escorts on Banglore love escorting as an art of living with grace and standard.

The most common talk with escorting girls is why give sex for free when you get paid for the same and how to become a favourite with an escort in Bangalore and that does not mean you may have to be a smart gentleman all you may need is to be a bit of courteous and polite, respectful, or introduce yourself in a courteous manner and learn the art of handling a lady and treating an escort lady with dignity and honour.

Most of the men have a standard thinking of why pay for an encounter when you may gain the same out of some effort with a good  looking ordinary lady.
Consider the fact that no ordinary lady will offer sex services without an expectation and the same will vary from individual to individual and consider the effects of  having a Permanent girlfriend who keeps pestering for gifts and Movie / Lunch and if you are married and having an affair kindly understand a situation when in your wife finds out your affair.

The simplified way is to hire a girlfriend and fire a girlfriend and hire more to suit your taste and there are plenty in the offering for yours to savour and relinquish.

Paying for sex is something absurd with some men and is considering  the same of paying for sex as a losing game and for that matter free sex is not that really free.

The mammoth task to get a lady to have free sex with you, you have to stumble upon someone who is attracted / Fascinated to you and wants to have sex with you. and for most of the men this takes a lot of work, effort and time and here google does not help you in this task of finding a lady for free sex! !

Paying for a service is something similar to buying any services and when buying services we demand results that may match our requirements and expectations and similar is buying services from an escort in Bangalore wherein we expect the results of satisfaction and utilization of money value and the fact is if men have not tried paid sex and are still having the absurd  thought about escorting experience try once to understand the difference in paid sex and free sex and till now for my understanding there is no free sex without expectations and for that matter there is nothing free in this 21 st Century.

Hiring an Escorts in Bangalore is a beautiful way of recovering after a divorce and a remedy for those who are recovering from depressed thoughts or a failure in life or business and you pay somebody to listen to you.

Listening is an art and people closer to yourself may not be attentive to your personal view and thoughts  but an escort will certainly be a soothing effect to share your thoughts and she get paid for the same.

An escort  in Bangalore can teach you to be a better lover to make you understand the art of love and enhance your sex life.

Escorts in Bangalore will teach you how you may enhance your sexual techniques and are open to all your questions.

Escorts in bangalore have learned and can teach you advanced sexual techniques. They are open to answering all doubts and the truth or validity about women Orgasmic pleasure points and no civilian women will teach you the same or talk about it.

An escort in Bangalore will teach and is not paid for companionship alone but are well-trained women who have been giving companionship to rich and famous and knows how to tutor yourself to be a good lover and most of the transcripts available here on Internet on becoming a successful lover are just well complied copies and no where compared to a one to one tutoring of an expert in the field of love making.

Makes sense doesn't it having tutored by an expert includes the package of self-enjoyment and Pursuing or mastering one's skill to be a better lover.

When it is bad times or when a person going through divorce or rough strangled relationship an escort in Bangalore can be a soothing medicine in building the confidence level of the person and there are numerous clients who have confessed that they had indeed been benefited by an escort in Bangalore and it's not only the sexual need that are being taken care of the escort in Bangalore can be a Professional person like a psychotherapist in taking care of her clients both mental and physical needs.

Escorts in Bangalore ensure Motherly care towards her client and an escort in Bangalore role is not limited to sex alone and are more perfectionist in the a role that may be categorized as below.

An escort in Bangalore acts quickly if she thinks that client safety, dignity or comfort is being compromised.
An escort in Bangalore ensures the health of the client and ensures safety sex.
An escort in Bangalore ensures communication, partnership and teamwork within the network of the Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.
An escort in Bangalore treat her Clients as individuals and respect their dignity.
An escort in Bangalore treats her clients politely and considerately.
An escort in Bangalore respects a Clients right to confidentiality.
An escort in Bangalore Work in partnership with Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.
An escort in Bangalore  listen to and respond to their clients concerns and preferences.
An escort in Bangalore give clients the information they want or need in a way they can understand.
An escort in Bangalore respect clients right to reach a decision with herself about their sexual preferences and do and do not.
An escort in Bangalore Work with her teammates at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience in the ways that best serve the concern and maintaining the trust and be honest and open and act with integrity.

An escort in Bangalore will never discriminate unfairly against clients or with the team at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.

An escort in Bangalore will never abuse her clients trust in you or the public's trust in her profession as an escort in Bangalore

All Independent Escorts in Bangalore is aware and are personally accountable for her professional practice and will always be prepared to justify her decisions and actions.

Give it a try and I am you sure you may understand the logic of Hiring an expert to fine tuning yourself to be a better lover.